Formwork Concrete & Precast Construction Specialist

Highrise Construction was formed in 2003 as a specialist Formwork, Concrete and Precast Erection Subcontractor. Since that time Highrise has executed a diverse range of projects with leading contractors across the commercial construction space.  Highrise Construction has the ability to undertake several projects concurrently across Auckland and the North Island.  Indicative project values generally range from $1m – $8m.



Highrise has extensive experience in specific design and modular Formwork systems including, Climbtrac Jumpform, Ischebeck Slabform, Doka, Peri, Ramirent, Steel Column Formwork, Standard Fabricated Ply Shutters.
Highrise owns considerable Formwork stock and has a close relationship developed over a number of years with Boxer Engineering Pty Ltd in Sydney which specialise in the design of climbing formwork systems incorporating multi-level safety screens



The foundation of any commercial construction is Concrete, and Highrise Construction are experts in this field.  Highrise can provide a range of contracting options suitable to your project across In-situ, Precast and Post-Tensioned concrete construction.



Highrise Construction has extensive experience with Precast Placements and can offer great package deals at your request.

Some of our recent projects

Central Water Interceptor

The Central Interceptor is a Watercare Services Infrastructure project to bore a giant wastewater pipe from Western Springs to Mangere.  This will be Auckland’s largest wastewater project in history costing around $1.2B.

Antipodean Apartments

Construction of a 17 storey structure for Watts & Hughes. CBD Auckland.  Mix of precast and Insitu construction, difficult basement build having to work around temporary propping supporting neighbours and an old sea wall.

Project Century

Large green field site for the construction of Lion Breweries new headquarters. Named “Project Century” for the next 100 years.

Comprising of several buildings making up 55000m2 in area.